We are a Denver area Rock Cover Band.  Our birthday is September 24th, 2022

Aftershock originally started when the Drummer and Lead singer departed the Poor Til Payday in 2022

The remaining members: Mike Wallace (Lead Guitar), Paul "Wog" Mcklosky (Bass), Scott Cole (Rhythm Guitar), Darren Davis (Keyboards) & Ken Ricardo (Manager)  wanted to keep working together and brought in Chris Faulkenberry-Alfano (Drums) and Sonny Cruz (Lead Singer).

The first rehearsal was held in late September, 2022.  The first gig took place at Dirty Dog's roadhouse on Oct. 8, 2022.


Sonny Cruz

Lead Singer

Sonny Cruz was born in New Jersey to a military family and lived in many different areas of the United States. This gave Sonny a great appreciation for various different American cultures and for the music of the various regions in which he lived.

Sonny began his musical journey watching Uncles, Cousins, and Grandparents performing music. And also, by singing in the church choir.

He studied Percussion throughout school and also sang with many school choirs and ensembles. Immediately after graduation, he started studying under Dr. L. Scott Martin of Julliard.

Sonny then traveled the country playing music anywhere and everywhere he could, ultimately moving to Colorado to live with family and to use his experience in the emerging Colorado Music scene.

Sonny claims his main influences to be Steve Perry, Ray Charles, Rick James, Adele, and Michael McDonald  


Paul "Wog" McClosky


Wog is our Ronnie James look-a-like.  He sings lead vocal on a few of the songs and wrote the PtP original: "Do it Again".  

He's been playing Bass for a number of years and has been in more than one Band in the Denver area, including XTACY in the 1990s, and one of the founding members of Poor Til Payday in 2019.

Photo Credit: Dave Ingraham 

Scott Cole

Rhythm Guitar

Scott has been playing the guitar for nearly his entire life.  Scott has played in many bands in the Denver area, including the 80's hair band Squealer with Wog.  

He loves to get out and perform and show off his great guitar skills, while interacting with the crowd.  He's also very adept at performing with a talk box.

Photo Credit: Dave Ingraham 

Darren Davis


Darren grew up on the West coast, living in California and Washington. He always had a strong interest in music, learning how to play the piano and playing music at school and church.

After moving to Colorado, Darren started putting together a professional keyboard rig and sought opportunities to play with other musicians.   Starting in 2019 he's played in several Denver-based projects, including CO2, Sonic Alchemy, Poor til Payday, Dam Hoover.  

He also plays keyboards for Steelehorse ( a Bon Jovi tribute band( and The Vibe.

Photo Credit: Aurelio Mireles

Chris Faulkenberry-Alfano


Chris was born in Colo Springs, studied music at CSU.

He has been a studio drummer and played with numerous bands in Colorado throughout his 37 years of hitting the skins including Spanky and the SeeMonkeys, Sons of Thunder, Dam Hoover, and True Strength who has hit #8 for radio play in the U.K. and several tours across the US. 

His most memorable gig was playing Red Rocks back in 2012.  He just want’s to play, watch people smile and enjoy music.  He's married to his soulmate, Joanne Alfano.

Photo Credit: Aurelio Mireles

Trevor Chandler

Lead Guitar

Trevor Chandler started playing guitar at age 10, learning albums of ozzy, iron maiden, and Dio. He played his first club at 15, where the club owners would make the band wait outside on breaks due to his young age.

In his 20s, he played the NW USA circuit 7 nights a week for 10 years, totaling over 4,000 gigs.

In the late 90s, he won the national guitar stars state competition and placed 3rd in the USA. He has opened for Great White and a variety of other popular bands and made the first few cuts for guitar auditions for Ozzy Osbourne. 

Trevor plays a variety of styles, from clean piano tapping to speed picking, super fast arpeggios, and other complex styles and techniques.